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Joel Giovanni Castro Pinto
Telephone: 305-749-5385
FAX: 305-592-6137
E-mail: giovanni@dnausa.net
MSN: giovannicp@live.com

Abe Tarzy - Purchase Manager
Telephone: 305-749-5385
E-mail: atarzy@dnausa.net
MSN: atarzy@hotmail.com

Jacinto Alfaro - Sales Department
Telephone: 305-749-5385
E-mail: jacinto@dnausa.net
MSN: jacintojac@hotmail.com

Lizbeth Alfaro - Sales Department
Telephone: 305-749-5385 Ext 508
E-mail: lizbeth@dnausa.net
MSN: lgenius@hotmail.com

Iva Castro - Accounting Department
Telephone: 305-749-5385 Ext 502
E-mail: iva@dnausa.net
MSN: iva180@hotmail.com

Monday-Friday 9am-6pm

About Us

Our company DNA USA is a wholesaler distributor of computers & electronic products including: laptops, computers systems, computer components, projectors, digital cameras, digital camcorders, networking products and accessories.

In business since 2002, we work with the world's leading products manufacturers like Sony, Toshiba, Acer and Hp. We serve the North America, Latin American and Caribbean markets. We also sell to local reseller and retailer customers. As a Miami-based wholesale distributor, we offer our services to other Miami-based exporters of IT products to Latin America and the Caribbean.

As wholesalers, one of our goals is passing on the savings to our customers and moving more quantities. We also understand that in today's market, having a great price is not enough, so we keep our focus on doing everything we can to provide our customers with a great business experience. We are a company of respect and integrity, honoring our words and business deals.

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